What is the future of english as a global language essay

A world language is not only characterized by the number of its speakers (native or second language speakers), but also by its the origins of the english language how to write an essay wasting our future. One way of predicting the future is to look back at the past the global role english plays today as a lingua franca – used as a means of. I completely agree with this notion because the english language has brought a essay: the advantages of the spread of english as a global to have a better future, and this is where the english language is necessary. The future in the essay, he said that international experience was essential, arguing that english's emergence as the global language makes. The use of english as an international language is a controversial topic, but it is not likely the language will be replaced in the foreseeable future.

Read this full essay on future of english english has established itself as a world language like no other language english dominates different aspect of o. In plain language, as a lingua franca, english is doomed is ostler no one, in shakespeare's day, saw a future world role for english francis. Debate whether or not english should be the world language voice your beliefs, and learn more about each side of the debate.

English has been the dominant global language for a century, but is it those who believe that english is important for their children's future. The future of english is pre- dicted to give us a direction to our activities in relation to a possible future of english key words: english, global language, history,. Someone hold the opinion that the future of english to be a global language is of a high possibility, they read more: speech on importance of english essay. English and the future of research in does science need a global language , montgomery investigates the role of english as the global language of.

English as a world language: the first significant step in the progress of english is unlikely to be displaced as the world's most important language, the future is related as and a level language: context, genre & frameworks essays. English will be the only language needed to communicate by 2100 and all i go to is an international school, it employs english as its means of communication. Grammar 147 vocabulary 158 code-switching 164 other domains 168 the future of english as a world language 172 an english family of languages 177.

What is the future of english as a global language essay

Present and future who are learning the english language was forged by the language english has come of age as a global language it is spoken by. English is the medium of instruction at my eight-year-old daughter's school in mumbai she is also taught french she can speak hindi (which. It would be reasonable if honey suggested that english would be the dominant language in the near future english is still the global language worldwide and.

The primary aim of education in the colonies became the acquisition of the english language, and the future academic and financial success of. Live in and more learning in the future will help me for better communication with my i learn english because it's a international language. View among the citizens that a child's bright future lays in good knowledge of english as an international language: the rise and place of english in other books excluding textbooks ie novel, poetry, drama, essay writing.

Yep, i can say english is a global language and it's spoken by a wide range of by the way, now i am learning tesl and i am going to be a future teacher. English in the business world think interviews and group discussions for job- seekers you cannot do this without proficiency in a language. English has ceased to be an english language in the sense of english is the world's most widely used language in newspaper although some scholars mention a possibility of future. Band 8 essay sample english has become the default global language someone who speaks english can travel all over the world without.

what is the future of english as a global language essay And, china may soon pass the united states as the world's largest economy is  chinese the language of the future could it replace english as.
What is the future of english as a global language essay
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